Wedding photographer North East

My wedding-themed journey began in 2013 when I was preparing for my own wedding.

I went my way from being a bride trying to figure out the details of an event to a photographer who works at large events as part of a large team.


You have chosen the idea of ​​a cozy wedding for two of you or for the small family circle or a big event when the scale of what is happening makes your head spin, I will provide you with full organizational and creative support from the stage of wedding planning to its implementation.


For cozy weddings, I actively participate in creating a mood board, viewing the location for consultation for photos, I will help in drawing up the wedding day timing  based on my extensive experience in shooting weddings and studying in professional wedding photography.


If you have preferred the format of a large wedding and the team is working to make your celebration exactly the way you see it, then I will be glad to become a part of your team and interact with them.


During the wedding, you can count on me: I will tell you in detail at the meeting how we will organize the shooting, during the photo shooting I will show poses, but I will also organize the shooting in such a way that it has natural movements.