I perceive every family event with you through photography

Nice to meet you, my name is Anastasia.

I am a photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, who has moved to the Great Britain. I have packed the most important thing for my soul - my family, 2 cameras and found myself in the country we dreamed about. 

Love, sincerity, care, smiles, hugs, warmth, coziness - this is what I don't need a big suitcase for, because I bring it in my heart. This is how I understand relationships, family and broadcast it on the photo shootings.

Your individuality and sincerity in the moment, whether it's a big wedding celebration or a home life style photo shooting, is what makes the photo a story about you. To capture the real you is the greatest value to me.

Photography is the way I look at life - priceless flashes of moments that are forever in our memory. I sincerely share with you the unique events in your family and catch them through the lens of my camera: the first meeting of the bride and groom, genuine emotions during the pronunciation of vows, hugs of parents, stroking the little foots of a newborn, playing in the garden with children are just a small part of the moments from which my soul is happy for you.
I come home after the photo shooting - my soul is warm and cozy, I smile and rejoice for you.

Every family for which I took the photos remains in my heart forever, because you trust me with the most precious thing - your memories. 


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